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Halley, Talbot, & Smithton Law Firm has law offices in Oklahoma City and Woodward, Oklahoma and provide legal services throughout the state of Oklahoma. It consist of three attorneys. Duke Halley is the founding member and has been practicing law since 1973. Daniel Talbot has been practicing law since 1998. There are six support personnel. The firm maintains state of the art technology. This provides convenient client access to firm personnel assigned to each case without the client being concerned about long distance charges and insures access by the attorneys and staff to the client's file at all times.

Our client base is extensive and includes all members of American society. Many of our clients are of Hispanic origin and we are prepared to make prompt arrangements, if needed, for interpreters to insure accurate communication with our personnel.

The firm believes in protecting individual rights. We represent individuals and not corporations. Consequently, we spend the majority of our time representing people who have been injured.

We do not restrict our practice to one area of law or to the extent of injuries prospective clients have sustained. Instead, we concentrate on the facts of each particular case. No case is either too small or large if we believe a wrong has occurred. Therefore, we have been successful in reaching meaningful settlements or verdicts in many areas. They include injuries or deaths resulting from automobile and truck accidents, defective products, oilfield accidents, nursing home negligence and medical negligence. We have also successfully represented clients when insurance companies have refused to pay valid claims, when the oil and gas industry is unfair to mineral owners, and in various forms of commercial litigation.

Duke Halley is the attorney who handle the cases listed above. You can access his personal profile through this Website.

We also have an extensive Workers' Compensation practice representing employees injured on the job. Danny Talbot handles these cases. His personal profile can also be accessed through this Website.

With few exceptions our fees are based on a contingency basis. The percentage charged is based upon numerous considerations which include the complexity of the case and the anticipated expenses in getting it settled or tried. If there is no recovery there is no fee. For this reason there is no charge for consultation. We will be glad to discuss the facts of your case with you at no charge to assist you in deciding if you have a case and if you would like to hire our firm as your attorneys.

Halley, Talbot, & Smithton Law Firm's Legal Support Includes:

  • Firm Profile - areas of the law including trial practice, workers compensation, environmental law and more
  • Attorney Profiles - meet our licensed and experienced attorneys

Our team of attorneys and support staff are here to answer any questions you may have about our qualifications and the services we provide.  We practice in all state and federal courts. From auto accidents, to disability and environmental and toxic law, our knowledgeable attorneys will provide you with an understanding of the law and help you consider all of your options.

Call Halley, Talbot, & Smithton Law Firm Law Firm PLLC today at 800-299-9131 to speak with our attorneys.  If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us.

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